Sunday, July 02, 2006

It lingers, then you forget (you're a rock-n-roll suicide)

Oh Children.

After my blog was down for a couple days last week (wtf?) and Alan asked me if its leave of absence portended my death, I just wanted to see if posting worked. So “erer” were the first 4 letters that my little fingers hit. Sorry to all your theories. And Garet, you know I don’t do anything by accident.

My B-day was fabulous! I drank a lot and remembered most of it. I feel so blessed to have such fabulous friends. Sigh. Dancing to pussy control with Emily Bennett was an experience.

In other news:

Working like a maniac!

Nervous for Carmen, practiced for 4 hours today.

To my utmost delight, my fridge didn’t liquefy my bag of mixed greens from Miriam. So right now I am making a tomato, feta, lemon-garlic chicken, cranberry/walnut salad with Raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Eat your heart out.

Random story from this morning:

Having breakfast at Cucina Sorella this morning, and when some very dykey girl loudly ordered the exact same thing as me, it prompted my aghast question: “Is that lesbian food?”

Craig: “Does it come in a large bag like birdseed or dogfood?”
Ed: “Purina Lesbian Chow, now with real bits of carpet.”

Someone should really stop us. So un-PC.


craiger said...

Oh, Eddy! We're too cool for our own good! And I wish you weren't so nervous. You're gonna bring the house down! Besides, with your looks and... your looks... *wink*

robyn said...

that's fabulous. i seriously laughed so hard that i snorted. you know, like garet does. i was almost embarassed, but then i remembered that my audience is four dogs and my mother.

dykey girl said...

don't make me put my "keens" on, comb my femullet, hop in my subaru, drive over there and woop your ass nancy boy! because i will!

Ms Bees Knees said...

that was me btw ... aren't i HIII-larious!?

Garet said...

OMG, Ed, your blog is the funniest thing I read when there's nothing better to scan!

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

"Dancing to pussy control"...Well, that's not very proper, is it? You are, Ed, forgiven for all your sins for the Purina comment. (Now, you didn't say that out loud, did you? I thought not.)

Nat said...

well my comment won't sound as cool as all the others, but....glad to see u on ur bday!! I'm heading out Friday for my 32 days of army fun. i get back August 11 to Como probably, so we shall party hard when i get back, i know i'm going to need it!! geez, 32 days without drinking, i could die! (jk, i do not have a drinking problem ;) ) aight have a great month!!

Ed Grow said...


Oh baby. If it weren't for you, who would I make my insensitive un-PC lesbian jokes for? You have always appreciated them so much. Las lesbianos...


I'm glad you thought it worthy of the "f-word". Call me as soon as you get back to Como, you have to tell my all about Cranium. Love.


"Femullet"? Aamzing. Simply stunning. I would have added: sports bra, baggy jeans, 50 ear peircings, and a limp. Why a limp? Cause dykes are pimps. Gawd that was embarrassing. Note to self: merlot and blogging don't mix. Love.


Just for that sass, I'm going to rename your sassy-mc-faggy-pants. See how you like them apples. Love.


Don't lecture me on proper! I don't run around with full-grown men who dress as wonderwoman in broad daylight. Sigh...I wish I did..Love-Kiss-Smack.

craiger said...

Babe, it's a small thing, but I've corrected you before and I get a little OCD about these things. It's las lesbianAs, or if you're using the masculine ending to be funny, say los lesbianos. In any case please match the article to the noun! Ok, I'm done... =)