Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I can bitch, bitch, better than you!

110 degrees with the heat index. Day number 3 of getting up at 5:30 so I can be at the field with my cooler by 6:15AM.

Delusional from the sun, I am imagining be-sequined black afro'd back-up dancers singing "Ooo, talkin' bout a heatwave!". Think Sister Act. I know.

The good news is: I think my tongue is dyed permanently blue from the 4 liters (I'm absolutely serious) of delicious, delicious poweraid that I drank today.

PS- I fucking hate glorified secretaries with PhDs. And a democratic socialist state that sanctions their existence. That is all.


amanda said...

Earlier today, the weather guy said "it'll be in the 100s today, so don't forget about pets and the elderly!"

Garet said...

He's got a good point. People are too quick to forget pets.

Ed. I love any reference to Deloras VanCartier.

Ed Grow said...


What about the gays?! What about the gays. Loves.


That's why you're family. Loves.

craiger said...

You people are too silly for words...but that's why I loves ya!! *smooch*

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

"Hate" is such a strong word, Ed. What you "hate" is global warming, not some functionary in a low-level government job who--by the way--has vacation time, sick days, personal days, government holidays, medical insurance, dental insurance,and.... Well, that IS who you hate, isn't it?

Aaron said...

haha. I was laughing way too much to be sad when the cat shit in the bed. It was unbefuckinglievable.

花生豆花Star said...