Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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This time of year, when things are cold and gray, I end up listening to Joni Mitchell’s California. And think of better things to come.


Ms Bees Knees said...

wow. holy crap! you came out to your folks? that is HUGE! sweetheart, if things seem difficult right now just know that the situation will always get better. i promise. email me and i'll call you. whatever you need, mama bees is here for you.

Ed Grow said...

Oh Bees!

"My love for you runs wider and deeper than Courtney Love's vagina." Thanks for the concern, but my parents took it really well, so I would say that I am lucky. And I know that you know a lot of 'mos, so you must get this situation a lot. However, since you asked, I might pretend to be rather pouty and show up at your door step tommorrow in SF and demand to be comforted with a steady diet of dirty martinis and sass. Do consider, Love.