Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I had a great Valentine’s Day. I cooked a candlelight dinner for Craiger, it was simple but fun. [3/4 of a way through an entire bottle of sparkling wine, me: “This is alcoholic?!]

I feel lucky that I can celebrate Valentine’s Day, because the holiday sucks *so* much for single people. I know, because I’ve been there. One of my saddest memories is spending my V-Day evening in my senior year of high school studying for my AP Calc test listening to Aimee Mann’s “One” on repeat.

Ah the pathos!

To all my single friends who are tired of being single, keep your chin up—and someday the most wonderful person will waltz into your life. And they will love you.


Ms Bees Knees said...

i have too much love. no seriously. i can't give this shit away fast enough. j/k. hope you and the ken-doll had a fab VD!

robyn said...

ooo burn! but seriously you're still me favorite. did you get your keyboard surprise?

Ed Grow said...


Your sassy, punk-rock, 'mo-lovin' ways amuse me to no end. Had a *wierd* dream in which I was on a 3-way (conference call, you dirty taco-snatch!) with you and Alexis. Very bizarre. Details to follow. Love!


You are the sweetest! I got valentines from two of my favorite girls, Eryn and Robyn. I will give Craig his later tonight. Lovers you!