Sunday, February 19, 2006


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Things went better than I had hoped this weekend. As with anything in life, it isn't perfect.

But I am content. People surprise me.


alan said...

you're still alive. this is great news.

Ms Bees Knees said...

people surprise you? hmm. do tell.

Ed Grow said...


I know. PS--if I spilled an entire beer on you I would laugh too. Love.


When I left I told my roommate, "If I'm not back by Monday, have the rivers and lakes dredged for my remains." But my parents didn't freak [totally] out when I told them I was a card-carrying glitter bespeckled Elton-John-'mo. That is what surprised me. Love.

craiger said...

There is much fear and trembling in my bosom at the thought of the retribution I will suffer for what I've done: turning you into a "card-carrying glitter bespeckled Elton-John-'mo." Can't say I regret it though! =)