Friday, November 04, 2005

Fire and music

Last night was so much fun. I took a much needed study break and went with Craig to Teller’s where we met up with DJ, Ryan, Chris, Travis, Michelle, and Joel. TJ also came later, and was bossy-tipsy, so much fun was had by all. I learned a new word too. Spaped: Spoon-raped. Theriously, wtf? I was even in bed before 1:30AM, so I could get up and make a sight singing quiz today and a physics quiz.

I have MMTA this afternoon, but since I got all my jitters out last weekend at NATS, I am just looking forward to performing with my good friend Rachel A.

Was it just Tuesday that I was walking to class in the rain, listening to Poulenc and Brahms? Today is such a beautiful day…after my lab meeting and competition this afternoon I plan on spending some time with Craig rolling through the piles of red, orange and yellow leaves. How picturesque. Is there, is there Balm in Gilead? (Tell me, tell me, I implore.)

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