Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Meat poisoning?

Last Wednesday, Rachel/Craig/and I went to KC to have voice lessons with Dr. Witzsky, this baritone voice professor. Craig had 6 arias to go through because he is doing met auditions with Rachel this weekend.

I of course felt completely sheepish and self-conscious at first, but he turned out to be really cool. A little weird (I swear he never blinked), but people like that who have been alone with their art for so long do lose touch with the rest of the world. We made a lot of headway, mostly in the area of resonance and vowel placement-- and it was well worth the (ugh) $35/hour. Craig and I talked a lot about how important it is to hear someone demonstrate what we hear all the time in our lessons.

We went to get hamburgers after, and I ate a pound of beef in one sitting. If there is such a thing as meat poisoning I had it. Not fun—especially driving home 85 mph+ in sleet on I-70.

School starts tomorrow. Actually today. For some reason I feel optimistic about this semester…I should be way more jaded by now.

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