Sunday, January 30, 2005

He's our Hero (gonna take polution down to zero)

Despite being totally worn out by Saturday night, Rachel and I still went out. Amy had a Napoleon Dynamite party (complete with k-sa-dillas and tater-tots) that was completely amusing.

But the highlight of the night was Zach’s birthday party, in which Zach, Marie, Joelle, and Rachel got in a wrestling match over control of the alcohol and rolled around on the linoleum kitchen floor at 2AM. Cake was eaten and beer was flung on the walls. Marie showed off her birthmark—which is described as half Sherlock Holmes, half standard poodle. Totally bizarre, especially since this was the first time I had met any of these people.

I busied myself with schoolwork today…unfortunately I think my cell bio presentation on Tuesday is going to crash and burn. And of course I am worried; doing well in school is a ridiculously large part of who I am. I am not sure why, maybe I am just kind of good at everything else…but being a nerd—I kick ass at that. Which makes me think of the Indian kid in Captain Planet. He got stuck with “heart.” What a total loser.

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