Friday, March 04, 2005

science is fun and useful

So I started writing this post with the intention of making a list of bad and good things that happened to me today. But, there weren’t any really bad things that happened, so I can’t list them…(I can’t remember the last time that happened). So here goes:

Good things that happened to me today:
1) I got to do some really cool stuff at work today i.e. play with Red-TAQ and ethidium bromide, cast, load and run some gels, and then take 3D pictures of them (all by myself) with our totally sweet UV camera (who cares if the negative control had some DNA in it).
2) My aural training class was canceled because Herr Freund (Mr. Friend) was sick…;)
3) I experienced the giddy caffeine high of a small house coffee while sitting in class
4) I woke up next to my girl Rachel

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John said...

woo eddies gettin some.