Monday, March 07, 2005

my weekend (part deux)

Monica, Lane, Matt and I had a very deep conversation Friday night. And by deep I mean we talked about the possibility of the antichrist being a monkey—a really badly behaved monkey at that. Like the ones in India that steal children and shiny things from tourists.

But how would the antichrist-monkey communicate with its minions you ask? By voice synthesizer like Stephen Hawking. Lane expressed a wish that the monkey would wear people clothes. I also voiced my concern that the monkey should wear make-up.

So when I was sitting upstairs in the library tonight, I saw some hilarious graffiti. Scrawled on the desk was “I love sex.” And sex was scrawled out to say, “I love shitting in frat boys’ mouths.” I don’t personally have anything against the principle of fraternities (I even know a good kid that is in a frat). The fact that someone else is so spiteful and pissed off really made my day.


Anonymous said...

i guess the idea of a fraternity started out as a good one--hey, let's rent a big house and all share the cost!--but in today's world, it's just an excuse for not-yet-outed grown men ("grown men" good god that term is awesome) to get drunk, play power games, and paddle one another. i don't know about you, but when i get drunk and paddle someone, there's gonna be some serious fuckin' afterwards.

-2 guesses

Ed Grow said...

Now, that you describe fraternity life so appealingly...

CollegeChic said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh eddie,
That was indeed a very good conversation you four had and I am sorry that I missed it. I never thought about the anti-christ being a monkey, but now, I am not gonna lie, I'm a little afraid and might never venture to the zoo again, let alone Africa for my awesome honeymoon with Geno! I miss you bunches. We need to kick it tomorrow night and watch our favorite show, as in ER with my lover Dr. Carter!
Love ya,