Thursday, March 31, 2005

'It my body, I do what I wan'

After a day like I’ve had I am going to cut the shit and stop pretending that this post has any cohesive thread. Or for that matter, complete sentences. Just think of it as random thoughts…or blurbs (one might say).

1) Who invented the word ‘blurb’?
2) The back of the knee-caps is a very bad spot to get sunburned.
3) For a long time, I have thought that someone should come up with a chart that rates the expense of light bulbs against the cost of electricity. This person could figure out how long you should leave the light off (and save $ on electricity) so that you would counteract the wear and tear on the tungsten filament (and the $ of light bulbs). And yes, I know I am huge nerd.
4) Rachmaninoff is good for loud bangy music/lyricism. Nothing in between.
5) An abacus is basically like having several hundred fingers.
6) Who ever invented snorting crack? I mean seriously…if they came up with that…Maybe some drug addict somewhere is like, “Maybe I should put the smack in my ear/urethra/anus.” Just a guess.
7) Why does Fox News hire blonde porn star/new anchors? And why doesn’t every one else do the same? News Flash: I am seeing no job future for Connie Chung/Katie Couric.
8) Why don’t they make wild berry skittles come in larger packages. Like maybe tanker cars. That would be nice.


Anonymous said...

Oh my Eddie,
Your comment about my idol Katie Couric disheartens me. I guess I better start working on my porn star look (phew, luckily I already have the blonde hair) if I want to get a respectable job as an anchor! Hope all is well. I will let you know when my mom sends The Pretender DVD so we can watch that shit!

robyn said...

i have come bearing a backpack of wild berry skittles, now GIVE ME MY CRACK!!!!!!!