Friday, April 10, 2009

Walk. Now walk.

Yay for drinking mimosas at work on a Friday afternoon and then grinding worms while listening to RuPaul's "Cover Girl (Put the Bass in Your Walk)" when totally buzzed.

Later tonight we're having a Seder celebration (Go Jew Party!).

I love Stanford.


craiger said...

That's the first I've ever heard you say you love Stanford! And all it took was a little booze... =)

ozacosta said...

You are a strange bastard, Ed. No matter how weird and cynical I get as a result of my spiraling salvia and psilocybin addictions, you're always one step ahead. It's good to hear that Stanford is academic Eden, as advertised. And Iowa will eventually rule all by wearing us down with their extreme patience and neighborliness.

Ed Grow said...


I know. It took a while. You should be one to talk Mr! You and your faggotty blue martinis. Love!


Yeah, every day is pretty much an intellectual orgasm. Stay away from Salvia, that shit nasty! Iowa's motto used to be "Iowa, you make me smile" and every time we saw the sign we would parody, "Iowa, you make me laugh." Love.

craiger said...

I prefer the more PC term "classy" for my blue martinis!