Monday, April 30, 2007

The last week was busy. The next week will be even more busy.

Here's a list of what's a-goin' on:
1) 2 projects due for molecular lab (a grant proposal and 15 min oral presentation--I'll do the talking not my GOTBY Asian lab partner)
2) Memorize some Wolf for my jury--it's going to be a total joke, but who cares.
3) Vocal lit final
4) Evolution test #3 and final
5) 2 evolution homeworks (one is: "find a fossil")
6) Poster presentation on Monday (stand in front of 9-month old data)
7)10 hours of tutoring.

Now that I've made a list, it doesn't seem so bad.

Some highlights of this last week:
1)Going to a "politically subversive burlesque" show that benefited the Center. It basically consisted of chubby lesbians dancing around with electrical tape on their nipples. Pretty routine Wednesday night.
2)Going to the Vu for comedy night and running into the smart sorority girl I tutor and her mother who was SCHWASTED. Mother's weekend. Classic.
3) Going to the batting cages with my BF and catching bugs. Yep.
4) At long last watching Shortbus.
5) Getting this picture (yes, I am wearing a SS shirt) from when Dennis and Mike and I hung out over spring break. Mike is one of my most favoritest people I've met at Mizzou and I'll miss him--although he is going to UCSF and if I go to UC-Berkeley or Stanford I might see him often.

Other than that...
I'm going through a Paul Eluard kick?


craiger said...

I still think your arm looks like it's about to eat your head! Bring back my cute svelt bf!

craiger said...


Ed Grow said...

Ooo, someone is threatened by my muscles. This is really a first for me, but I would like to thank the academy...

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

I agree with Craiger. You are not allowed to become a muscle queen. You are to stay the adorable, bug-collecting nerd we all are comfortable with. There will be no changes in the script.

alan said...

is this a product placement for the motorola razr?

Ed Grow said...


"Muscle queen"? I thought that would qualify as an oxymoron...

I don't know how I feel about you wielding political power. As long as you use it for good (bread and circuses) and not evil.



Like, I know right? That is one sexy phone. Aesthetically pleasing=skinny. Love.