Monday, April 23, 2007

The commedia is over!

While walking to work today I was accosted by a wastafarian (or a trustafarian as Alan says) handing out “subversive” literature. He said with a wink, “We need a drastic change.”

The pamphlet basically consisted of an advertisement for some sketchy cult “12 acres” (or something to that effect)—promoting some commune lifestyle and showing pictures of people who were wearing happy drug-smiles.

Needless to say I didn’t quite get the gist of it, but it was one of those vague “let’s all live in harmony” things.

I want to set the record straight: I have nothing against cults. If I did, I would have a problem with the majority of the Bible belt. What I take issue with are communes. Maybe it is my (not so carefully) camouflaged misanthrope attitude, but I don’t trust anyone who can live in close proximity with other stinky hippies. Thoreau-ing is okay with me, but communes…ugh.

As I was thinking over said event, I realized what actually shocked me most is that there are still people in the world that are idealistic. Believe they can make a “drastic change”—whatever that may be.

Maybe I have been inculcated by too many petulant, government-hating conservatives, but people who think they can save this country from its democratic-socialist destiny make me uneasy.

Besides, it’s not my style to stand abreast history waving my arms and yelling, “Stop”.

After we are left a crumbling nanny-state I would rather raise my glass of absinthe as the curtain closes and cynically proclaim "La Commedia e finite."

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craiger said...

Hmmm how artistically pessimistic! I think I'm enough of an idealist to think that drastic changes can be made, but I'd tell that guy that I'd start by bulldozing his commune! *wink*