Monday, September 25, 2006

Had a fabulous weekend:
Played with zipper, Craig’s new miniature Schnauzer puppy Saturday morning then went to see half-naked men wearing short shorts with Robyn. I mean, went to watch the Rugby game with Robyn. Right...

Went to Shatterday—it was fun, but I required more libations than usual to coerce the dancing. Acted a damn fool, but that’s what Shattered is for I guess. (PS, starting to feel disdain for Saturdays=such a plebian evening, with all the working blokes out and such)

Spent most of Sunday reading the A/L from the Times. And practicing. And doing homework. And at work.

So far everything is going well with me this semester. However, I am freaking about my recital in a month (mostly because the last Poulenc I’m working on are total bitches technically). But classes are going well, opera is going well, work is going well, etc.

Haven’t had the usual major autumnal flip-out that I am accustomed to, so that might be in the making. Prends garde-toi.


"the" Mrs. Astor said...

"the usual major autumnal flip-out"

We pay good money to have seats for that.

alan said...

this is why fri. / sat. night here is known as "bridge and tunnel night" at the clubs. its either that or snooty new yorkers on thurs., you just can't win really.

Ed Grow said...


Aw shucks. I like to think that my cycles of sane/insane amuse someone. Love.


I myself am a huge fan of Thursday nights. The feeling of waking up hungover, or better yet, drunk early on a Friday morning and dragging ass all through the day is such a pleasure. Ah to be a lush. Love.

alan said...

ed, pick a thursday night (any thursday night) and come to ny, we'll snoot it up together