Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sparked by Garet’s post lamenting more of the same—I have finally congealed my opinion of the package shipping industry.

When our lab ordered Red-Taq, a DNA polymerase that costs $1000/30mL, DHL let shipments sit on their 95 degree truck overnight. Needless to say, the taq was worthless. Our lab didn’t have to pay for this of course—by DHL had to eat the cost. This happed 3 times.

When I order something from, if I don’t explicitly specify on the shipping instructions to put the package in my mail-box, the UPS guy will make attempts to deliver it to my locked door every day at 7AM for 4 days—when it’s company policy to send the item back. This happened 4 times. Seriously…mail goes in mailboxes.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Well, I could get mad and call some 800 number and talk to some phone-zombie in Nebraska, or I could examine the larger social implications of this phenom.

Really, the same thing has happened with the medical industry. When my grandmas were entering the job market, it wasn’t acceptable for intelligent women to be doctors. So they became teachers and nurses. Nowadays there isn’t a barrier to keep competent women from becoming doctors, so that leaves a void in positions that used to be stricty “for the girls”--teachers, nurses, etc.

All the capable men—men who when given a job use common sense to efficiently accomplish it—don’t work for DHL, Fedex, UPS. They are now CEOs. America has been invaded by the “duhs”.

As we all know, I can’t go 5 minutes without being some pansy queer, so I will negate any intellectual worth of what I just wrote.

Here’s this. YUM.

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"the" Mrs. Astor said...

As always, Ed, you drive the point home, and I loved the pic about the deliverymen. But...

You know how much I love you, Ed.

But, just WHAT is wrong with a "pansy queer"? I have devoted a life to upholding and worshipping that entity.

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

Listne, we all have a day addres at which we are known and to which packages can be dilivered in our exhalted names.

How about the local Opera House?

Garet said...

I always feel so honored when people talk about me on their blogs.

I don't think you're a pansy.