Thursday, March 23, 2006

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Last semester I took an entomology class that was the culmination of 13+ years of bug-geekiness.

Yes, I was the kid who ran around with butterfly nets, caught moths at baseball games instead of paying attention, and drove my parents absolutely crazy with my insect fanaticism. After junior high my obsession waned…maybe it was that I was scared of becoming an entomologist in the fashion of Silence of the Lambs?

Anyway, this past fall, I got back in the swing of things, and this is a picture of approximately 1/3 of my collection (which I got a 110% on).

I would like to thank the academy and my saint of a roommate, who put up with the ziplock bags full of vegetable matter and bugs in our freezer.


alan said...

this is a beautiful sight bro.

robyn said...

you are my favorite

Ed Grow said...


Thanks for putting up with all that stuff when we were younger. Bug legs on the floor of our room, etc. Love.


I know, right? Love.

Jeff said...

Hey dude nice collection... butterfly killer! Why don't you crusify an animal your own size? bad idea.

Is it true butterflies smell with their feet?

Ed Grow said...


Well, Jeff, that is a very good question. Some insects (flies, butterflies) taste with their feet, but most of their olfactory abilities come from their multiporous sensilla, most often found on antennea or setae. Stay in school.

alan said...

...and don't do drugs (to add to ed's advice on this matter). otherwise kids you might start tasting through your own feet! imagine that! freaky! or grow antennae!

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

Isn't that just the gayest thing? I'd pay to see the outfit that matched the net.

Anonymous said...

whoa, i CAN leave a comment

Garet said...

I remember a time or two when your entomological liasons dangereux got you in trouble. In fact, I seem to remember testifying against you when your obsession brought you to trial. Take more care when catching rare butterflies around the soccer field, if in fact you do insist on returning to this nefarious pastime of yours.

Ed Grow said...


It could be worse. I could parade myself around the great city of New York wearing a goddamn giant squid costume. So weirded out right now. Love.


Actually, I do have a bug-hunting (as I am want to call it) outfit. It's so butch. It consists of my field clothes and about 4 yogurt cups filled to the brim with pretty, pretty bugs. I can't wait for summer. Yay! Love.


Thank god. Now you aren't creepy anymore...Right...Love.


I think the only reason you commented was to use the word "nefarious". I refuse to believe it is in your everyday lexicon. Oh, English majors. Love.

Garet said...

You're forgetting, mon ami, that I am also un étudiant français, and you completely ignored the fact that I used "liasons dangereux in the same sentence!

Post again soon. Seeing a new post validates my frequent checking.

OH! How cool would it be if you came up here with Manda and Robyn? That is, if you aren't working with subesophageal ganglia or diminished fifths or selling your plasma.

ozacosta said...

That's some crazy shit, Ed. Back in the day, I figured you'd be murdering bugs for a living by now. By the way, our "culture" isn't dead yet: we still have Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Ed Grow said...


How many blogger friends does it take to satiate your constant need for attention (rampant intellectualism as a coping device)?

Its maize chromatin deacytleases and methyltransferases. And a diminished 5th is so last year. I've moved on to bigger and better things, i.e., the Tristan chord and colorist/developmental harmony.

PS-I would love to come and visit you with the girls. Do consider, Love.


[voice= "redneck"]I love you meatwad, you're my boy! [/voice= "redneck"]