Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rastlose Liebe

I'm twitterpated.

And our third date is on Friday.

The reinforcements have been called in because I "have to design a lighting concept... and costume decisions".

The last time I felt this way, was well, a long time ago.

Edit: I bought filet mignon and Trojans at the grocery store Friday evening, garnering scandalized looks from my middle aged checker. I only made use of the meat. What kind of girl do you think I am?


manda said...

"i'm still all red!"

"i'm making you as white as i can, cher. you have to calm down!"

cheers to 2010!

craiger said...


Ed Grow said...


Thanks little lady. Hope CoMO is raining men for you too.


Twitterpated is not love, but being infatuated, or enamored. Don't take it personally, as it wasn't meant to offend. Love.

Robyn said...

aw hon, you baked!