Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Went to Nebraska for the annual pheasant hunting/Thanksgiving activities. It was beyond wonderful to see my family, most of whom I haven't seen since last Christmas (!). My little sisters are growing up to be such interesting, talented, and kind young women. My brother and I are fighting over if we can get them to come to NYC or SF for college, that would pretty much make my life.

The highlight of the trip was hanging out with Alan and his posse in Lincoln. His friend Jake lives in some hippy commune by the dumping ground for the Lincoln municipal parks, so we climbed around on dismantled playground equipment at dusk. Reclaimed by weeds, these cast-offs of childhoods forgotten were reminiscent of Where the Wild Things Are mixed with post-apocalyptic dystopia.

Bricktop was a bittersweet reminder of the Shatterdays of CoMO, but fun nonetheless. Someone who shall remain nameless may have lost a bet about Eddie Murphy and was forced to ballwalk to the bathroom.

I'm seriously considering becoming the master of my own destiny and moving to the city--at least for a trial period. Although still partial to Inner Sunset, I'm currently in love with the Duboce Triangle. It's true, victorian arctitecture, bay windows, hardwood floors, and vaulted cielings make me salivate. The only way I know to decide if I'm unnessesarily romanticizing SF is to take the plunge. Ballwalking, indeed.


Garet said...

Take the plunge.

Just bring a jacket!

craiger said...

Oh Garet! You're never one to NOT take the plunge...or plunger? ;) What is ballwalking? Not to be a complete ass, because I know it's a typo, but please fix your contraction that you mean to be the possessive: it's --->its Sorry, I've been in editor mode a lot lately.

Ed Grow said...


Thanks for the encouragement. A quote I'm fond of, Mark Twain: "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." Love.


Are you referring to the passage "It's true"? Because I meant "It is true" not "its true". How does that crow taste? Love.

craiger said...

I see. I read "true" to be an adjective modifying "architecture." I will concede the point, but eat no crow as my interpretation is valid! Will someone PLEASE tell me what ballwaking is now? PS, no comments on Garet taking a plunger? Anyone...?

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

I just do't know if my bustle could get between the childrens' old play gym, but sounds fun.

Ed Grow said...


Would it have helped if I had written "It's true:" instead of throwing you off with the comma? Anyway, Garet + plunger = more fun than you can throw a stick at (ending preposition intended). Ballwalking is when you hang a testicle outside of your pants in a public place and make a dash for something. Love.


We wouldn't be able to tell if the rustling noise was the wind in the tall, dead Nebraska weeds or the swishing of your chiffon skirt. Love.