Monday, October 12, 2009

Misanthrope in one act

Disturbed old man at bus station: Hey, get your bike off there! I was here first.

Me: Take your haldol, you crazy piece of shit.

Other bus stop patrons: [jaws dropped] ...?

And scene.


Lindsey412 said...


Ed Grow said...

Is it fair to have a battle of the wits with someone so woefully unarmed?

ozacosta said...

Finally, someone putting the elderly in their place.

Ed Grow said...

It is rather sad, a lot of the crazies are, well crazy. Schizos off their meds, Vietnam veterans, drug addled shells of human beings.

The Tenderloin is a particularly bad neighborhood in SF, and a guy who lives there told me a hilarious story: crack addicts are beginning to figure out that spark plugs on motorcycles make excellent lighters for crack pipes. Apparently bikers can't keep spark plugs on their rides to save their lives. What a world.