Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New kicks

Here is a list of the new things I'm obsessed with:

1) Madonna vs Lady Gaga vs Pitbull triple mashup. Epic.

2) Being at work for 24 hours straight, and then sleeping during the daylight.

3) These shoes:

Which are the blue version of these (which I have worn to tattered shreds):

Normally I try to avoid consumerism in all forms, but Gola knows my weak spot: shiny, bright-colored weapons of awesomeness.

4) Viruses that infected a wasp, have inserted themselves into the wasp nuclear genome, but then the wasp hijacked the viral protein for packaging of its own DNA which it injects into caterpillars to suppress the caterpillar's immune system so the wasp larvae can eat the host alive from the inside out. Also picking out completely unfeasible qualifying exam topics.

5) Verdi's Macbeth. Either the 1952 Callas La Scala or the 1976 Verrett La Scala version.

6) Visiting Mike and Jennifer in the city and then looking at Craigslist apartments in the Sunset and pretending that I am living there.


craiger said...

I finally remembered to listen to your trifecta of gayness yesterday! While I found it amusing, you have lost the moral high ground in all criticisms of the music I like that you consider cheesy or base! However, it's nice to know that you still "fucking love Madonna!" =)

Ed Grow said...

Yes, and I'm not ashamed of it. Madonna is still *waaaayyy* better than butt rock.


craiger said...

Can one really compare two such disparate entities? They both are wonderful on their own merits!