Thursday, June 25, 2009

My 10 favorite famous people

Tina Turner (R&R singer/actress)
William Burroughs (homosexual writer)
Bette Davis (fierce actress)
Gregor Mendel (geneticist)
Barbara McClintock (geneticist)
Maria Callas (opera singer)
Charles Darwin (scientist)
Guiseppe Verdi (composer)Charles Ives (composer)
Deitrich Fischer-Dieskau (singer)
Francis Poulenc (composer)


ozacosta said...

You forgot Phillip E. Johnson, the father of the Intelligent Design movement.

craiger said...

You crossed out Verdi for Ives????? Not sure how I feel about that...

Ed Grow said...


One time at your house, your little brother fell over the couch and hit his head on the hearth. Your dad ran in the door and said, "Jesus Christ!" It was one of the scariest and exhilarating moments to hear, for the first time, a grownup using the Lord's name in vain in such a casual and flippant way.


Verdi wrote some of my favorite music, but in a way, Ives was more original. Ives was more of an inventor, Verdi a composer. Love.