Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Lots of people that suck

So this semester I'm taking genomics, which is cool. But we have to learn perl. Which is also cool.

Except I have no programming experience, and this is a trial-by-fire if there ever was one.

Things are going well so far, I'm just so slow. Every day is an exercise in humility.

The good news? I'm talking to Alan a lot more. He's boss.

Here's a classical "alanism" from tonight:

i'm starting to rethink that - the midwest has its perks,

like friends

normal life

green grass

lots of people that suck, so you look cooler.


Two weekends ago I got to see Dimitri Hvorostovsky in SF.

I was happier than Nancy Grace after finding out that the Jon Benet Ramsey case was reopened.

Hvorostovsky did a program of Tchaikovsky, Medtner, and Rachmaninoff lied. I didn't really care for the Tchaikovsky, but the Medtner alone was worth the price of admission ($70).

His sublime legato made it seem like a ventriloquist was singing the consonants. A+.


Anonymous said...

what medtner ed? guess what? today, i rehearsed some of serres chaudes with kyle and i happened to be wearing a pair of green pants that you left behind here......
i miss you and
i believe in you. those tough experiences will make you stronger, even though for the time being, they might make you feel ridiculous.
story of my life, feeling weird

Ed Grow said...

Oh Rachel!

I've missed you too. I need to call you. Dimitri did Winter evening, and the "i see land" song, and two others, both of which were stunning.

I'm so happy that you get to perform the Chausson, it is such an underappreciated work.

Those green pants were part of the mad-hatter costume! I want a copy of that picture (of us on the porch) if you can ever get Jana to find it. Love.