Monday, October 15, 2007

Living life as one big resume-building experience gets old. I have begun seeing people as commodities/tools to be optimized and exploited. Is this normal?

I'm currently knee-deep in the NSF GRFP application...I'm proposing a rather ambitious project to elucidate paramutation mechanisms (Lit reviews are more fun than homework). I guess it's a good sign that I really enjoy this part, being as it's what I am going to do for a living, haha.

A portrait of my mind at the end of its tether: every time I think about how many things are on my to-do list, I envision Ursula singing "I'm a very busy person and I haven't got all day!"

Disney allusions: the ultimate litmus test for insanity. Or as Michael J Budds would say, (referring to Joan Sutherland as Lucia) "she's nuttier than a fruitcake!"

A more mundane tid-bit: I made salmon cakes with some grated zucchini, yellow squash, lemon juice, pepper, and fresh tarragon from my garden. Yum!


craiger said...

Oh Eddy, you always have been a fan of the sea witch. Perhaps if you start smoking a pack a day and eating a box of donuts for every meal, by the time you are 50 your voice would be low enough and you'd be large enough to star in a drag version of the little mermaid!

ozacosta said...

Damn you, NSF.

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

Lucia was just misunderstood.

Please send one crab cake overnight mail to me, or I will tell everyone you are sizing them up to be used by you in the future.

Ed Grow said...

Goodness. After all, I am not Patrick Buckalewd. Love.


Like I know right? I have to pretend I care about the children and "underserved populations" just to get 120K out of the government. Sheesh.

Or maybe an ostrich egg? I do know that your palate tends to the sophisticated. But this is the midwest honey...maybe I'll send you some cornbread I made last week (alright, it does have fresh rosemary sprigs and julienned Anaheim pepper strips arranged artfully on top). Love.

Robyn said...

first off i'd like to state your love of colorful food sickens me. Infact, i think i just threw up a little, in my mouth. I mean didn't chris rock say everything there was to say about corn bread. is nothing sacred to you people? and secondly honey that ursala bitch doesn't have anything on you. cya tomorrow chach

craiger said...

I can't help but love you crazy-ass people!

花生豆花Star said...