Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dividing my time between:
1) Work--I'm almost done genotyping (30,000+ data points, lol)! It's almost time to run mapmaker...
2) Gardening--I'll post pictures when it starts to look good. Let me just say that just looking at my opal basil makes me happy. Sigh.
3) Finding time to practice. Taking a break from the pretentious seriousness of Chausson's symbolist serres chaudes (how fitting, I know), the disturbing Wolf ala the Spanisches Liederbuch, and focusing on the Charles Ives. Old Charlie and Poulenc are probably my two favorite composers. I just get what they wrote--I often imagine myself taking walks by the Houstatonic with Ives or lunching with Francis at Maxim's.
4) Having a social life. I feel surrounded by friends more now than ever. What is it with summer?
5) Finding time for some strenuous exercise. Lane and I have been going mountain biking occasionally, and I am forcing myself to go the gym tomorrow. To continue with my Norman Rockwell fixation, here's a representation of my body image (Lord knows how many times I perused our coffee table book and wound up crying over this one).


craiger said...

The only thing you should feel when looking in the mirror is pride at being the most beautiful boy in the world!

Is it disturbing that I revel in Wolf? I can relate to him locking himself away in moments of non-productivity and then exploding in a fury of output. I guess the manic, binge-purge side of me gets him...

Ed Grow said...


I too, love Wolf. There's often a subtle (or not so subtle) undercurrent of insanity or dementia to his music. One of my favorite passages:
In the Mignon--"es brennt
Mein Eingeweide"--which can be translated as "my insides are on fire" or as I like the grotesquely literal: "my guts are burning". I suppose its one of those German things where 'fleish' is meat...but really has a more disturbing connotation.


Garet said...

Dammit, update.