Thursday, May 10, 2007

The jury is finished

And now I can concentrate on:
1) Making a Greek salad with the works: artichoke hearts, feta, red onions, kalamati olives, and salad greens so I can enjoy lunch tomorrow while I:
2) Study all day (seriously all day) for the evolution final, after I have:
3) Done some annual planting in the north garden after I have:
4) Gone for a bike ride in the morning, and in the evening:
5) Fall asleep by myself curled up with a rather large bottle of amaretto (whom I am cheating on with midori) while:
6) Listening to "Mira o Norma", the fabulous Serafin recording with Callas from 1952ish

In other news I am feeling overwhelming Protestant guilt about leaving the science to enjoy the world (NYC and FL). Suggestions?


Garet said...

Protestant guilt is the kind where you have fun and then you feel bad about it, right?

And Catholic guilt is where you skip the having fun part.

Ed Grow said...


Catholic guilt is when you debate going to a wedding on the sole basis of whether its worth getting out of mass on Sunday. Love.